… always keen to see which politicians come by … Because those are the ones … tapped in and connected to what’s going on

Christina Zeidler … founder of YIMBY, “You often go to city meetings and the neighbourhood groups are the crazy people sitting at the back saying ‘no, we can’t do this! no! no!’ and really that’s not the spirit of community organizing.”

“The name of the festival is, of course, meant to distinguish activists from NIMBY (not in my back yard) groups, and to emphasize that community leaders are not opposed to all development.

“YIMBY “is [also] about trying to build relationships,” Zeidler said. “And having one day where the people who work really hard doing all this stuff can show off and celebrate what they do…it’s a bit like ‘show and tell.'”

“Individual groups give endorsements to those who support their ideas, making YIMBY an important networking opportunity for candidates in the Toronto’s municipal election.

“City council hopefuls Kevin Beaulieu (Ward 18), Ana Bailão (Ward 18), Hema Vyas (Ward 18), Ken Wood (Ward 18), Gus Koutoumanos (Ward 14), Ryan Hobson (Ward 14), Mike Yen (Ward 20), and Robert Meynell (Ward 27) dropped by, along with mayoral candidate Himy Syed, the previously mentioned Adam Vaughan, and federal MP Peggy Nash. Joe Pantalone was expected but never showed up.

“I’m always keen to see which politicians come by,” Zeidler told me. “Because those are the ones who are usually tapped in and connected to what’s going on…”

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