Toronto-Danforth – TDSB

  1. Cathy Dandy
  2. Robert Johnston
  3. Sergio Otoya
  4. Maria Saras-Voutsinas
  5. Jennifer Story

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  1. Let’s face it’ we all know the Toronto District school board has been broken and out of touch for many years.

    It’s time as parents we stand up for our children and children’s children and get the TDSB and our educational system on the right track

    We have all witnessed the mismanagement and disarray of the TDSB in the past and present’ as it struggles to continue to offer our children the same old same old with very little improvement.

    The world has become smaller thanks to technology and so our educational systems needs to be one that can allow our children the tools they need to compete on a global level.

    It time for change! So” where do we begin? Fiscal responsibility demands we review our spending habits.

    Are we spending tax dollars wisely and in the best interest of our children and the community? What are we spending on? We need to review our educational programs to ensure we are exceeding the needs of our children and the community.

    We need open dialogue with the constituents to understand and advocate their educational concerns and at the same time explain the endeavours we are embarking on to improve the system.

    We need to Identify inefficiency within our operational processes and create plans too establish corrective policies.

    We the Trustees need to communicate to the Ministry of Education the educational flaws and weaknesses in the system and lobby for the corrective action’.

    We need to stop closing schools and overcrowding classrooms so we can selloff the properties to developers.

    I believe’ If we work together’ we can reverse the downward spiral of our education system, and become the leaders that will set the standard for other boards and nations to follow.


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