George Sawision

Trinity-Spadina – Ward 19

Cell: 1-416-836-6406
twitter: @GSawision

… What do you see as the top issue impacting the City of Toronto?

“The top issue for Toronto at the moment is transit infrastructure, along with the ability to finance that new construction.

“This issue also impacts tax increases depending on which system is approved

… What do you see as the top issue affecting your Ward?

“In Ward 19 there are actually two issues, condo intensification north of King Street and transit/cycling infrastructure south of King Street as well as cycling infrastructure throughout the ward.

… How do you plan to address the city’s transit strategy?

“Since 1985 I have been giving input on different transit solutions.

“In relation to Ward 19, my greenlinx subway project that allows transit on rail right-of-way serves the west end of Toronto instead of a DRL (Downtown Relief Line).

“I also propose a new transit line for Liberty Village that will relieve the King Street rush hour overcrowding problems.

“Building a Bloor Street bike path is also a priority.

“I also believe developers must contribute more to pay for infrastructure improvements.

… Tell us a little about yourself, and why you are running for council?

“I’m a master electrician, scuba diver, cyclist, environmentalist, problem solver, foodie. I was born in the ward and still live here.

“I have participated and helped find solutions to many issues affecting our city, province and country.

“I am running to be more effective in representing the residents of Ward 19, making sure the issues that are of concern are dealt with and solutions found, improving the environment, and listening to residents.

“Besides, I love helping all the residents of Toronto.

“It’s time to make a difference, Together.”

city centre mirrorCity Centre Mirror

… Ossington alone … a minimum $400 million for infrastructure … means a minimum 15 per cent tax hike … for the next four years

“According to Ossington Community Association (OCA) President Jessica Wilson, the community was completely taken off guard by sudden interest condo developers had in the area.

“She said there was no community association established when the fight came to their doorstep.

“The residents felt screwed by the process, by the developers and by the city to be frank,” Wilson said.

Ward 19 council candidate George Sawision isn’t a fan of the condo developments, not only for the size but the infrastructure issues it will create.

“It’s detrimental to the area because the infrastructure isn’t available. Ossington has very limited sewer, pipes and water supply as well as electric supply for the area,” Sawision said.

“He says condo developers are refusing to “pick up the tab” on infrastructure costs and are still bold enough to build the condos that no one in the community really wants.

“In Ossington alone, you’re looking at a minimum $400 million for infrastructure,” he said.

“That means a minimum 15 per cent tax hike on properties for the next four years.”

“Sawision said he’d like the Ossington strip to develop into something similar to Queen Street West.

“I’m trying to keep the character of Ossington uniform and the condo development should comply with that, and it’ll take a zoning change to do that.”

“A rezoning of the strip would prohibit future developments from going against already established height and commercial space standards.

“Sawision said the development in the area isn’t being fought because the community is anti-development, the community just wants developers to consider the area’s character and build what best suits its look.

Layton agreed.

Our job is to make sure what they’re building reinforces the unique character of the neighbourhood and reinforces it in a sustainable way,” Layton said.

“Unfortunately, according to Sawision, the community isn’t getting their voice heard on the issue.

“The community has to have a say. Right now the community has been very vocal. But for some reason their input has been disregarded to a large extent actually…It looks like condo developers won’t be stopped now.”

Hilary Caton parkdale villagerHilary Caton | Reporter
Parkdale Villager (10/01/2014)

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