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… Arguing about Ford Fest is just dumb

“Is Ford Fest a bona fide Ford family tradition? Yes. Do the Ford’s hold Ford Fest in years when there’s no election? Yes. Will Rob Ford be campaigning at Ford Fest? Yes. So will every other politician who attends, and a number will.

“Will Rob Ford, John Tory, Olivia Chow, David Soknacki and Karen Stintz be campaigning at every public event held between now and election day? Yes. That’s what they do. They’re political candidates.

“The truth is, politicians are always campaigning. If they’re not campaigning, they’re losing.

“…Of course, the more attention Ford Fest gets in the media, the more people are talking about Rob Ford. And, the more they’re talking about Rob Ford, the less they’re talking about anyone else. Once again, advantage: Ford.

“…It’s not that the Fords are strategically brilliant. It’s just that their opponents are just plain dumb.”

Mark TowheyMark Towhey | Former Chief of Staff
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Office (07/21/2014)

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