SmartTrack ( née Greenlinx )

George Sawision City Council Candidate Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina
September 14, 2010


Community Greenlinx Flyers were handed out during the Metrolinx Community Meeting at 1033 King Street West, Liberty Village, Toronto – Monday Evening, August 23 2010

We at Community Green Links have plans to put a green roof over the rail right of way and allow new green space to exist in a way that is sensible in design.

Description from Community Greenlinx Flyer

On Monday August 23 2010, a Community Meeting with Metrolinx was held at St. Christopher House at 1033 King Street West. Flyers were handed out which included the following description:

It doesn’t make sense to just continue to use a train to travel from the airport to Union Station anymore.

Let’s do it in a better way and use the existing tracks to make a subway from Union Station to the airport.

Then we can travel and stop at convenient locations along the route to get home faster and in a more convenient way.

The cost would be minimal considering the track is already installed.

Just electrify with a “third rail” and install stations where needed, as needed.

Now that is a great idea that benefits ALL residents along the rail line.

  • The rail link would also allow a subway to exist at low cost.
  • Sometimes great ideas require ‘sane people to understand them.
  • The TTC’s current fleet of subway cars are being replaced. Instead of throwing them away, they can be used on the Green Linx above ground subway line.

yfrog-com-n7ukqfj GSawision this is the greenlinx TM project that will cover the structure at strachan to create a park and greenspace

SmartTrack & John Tory

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