Important Reminders for Election Day

From: Gail Baker
To: candidateinfo
Date: 24 October 2014 08:14
Subject: Important Reminders for Election Day

Dear Candidate:

Election Day is on Monday, October 27, 2014. Voting places are open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Election Services is taking this opportunity to remind you of important election rules and procedures.

Campaigning – You can campaign on election day, except at a voting place. A voting place includes the entire building and the property on which the building is located including the parking lot. No election material is permitted to be displayed at a voting place, i.e. no buttons, ribbons, signs, signs on cars in the parking lot, etc.

Candidates and scrutineers – You and your scrutineers may observe the voting process at the voting place after signing in with an election official and taking a declaration. Candidates must present identification and scrutineers must present a completed Scrutineer Appointment form. Refer to the Q3 October Bulletin, sent to you on October 8, which provided a complete list of rules for candidates and scrutineers at a voting place.

You and your scrutineers must not speak to electors anywhere in the voting place nor linger or loiter in the hallways, foyer, parking lot, etc. of the voting place on election day.

Interpreters and Friends helping an Elector at the Voting Place – An elector who needs help understanding the voting process can bring their own interpreter or friend to help them. An interpreter or friend is required to take a declaration with an election official before acting for the elector. You or your scrutineers cannot be an interpreter or a friend of an elector.

An interpreter translates communications between the elector and election official, but cannot accompany the elector behind the voting screen to assist with marking the ballot. A friend of an elector can assist and accompany an elector behind the voting screen area to mark the ballot as directed by the elector.

Who can vote – To vote, an elector must be a Canadian citizen, at least 18 years old and not prohibited from voting under any law. In addition, the elector must be a resident of the City of Toronto, or is the owner or tenant of land in Toronto, or the spouse of such owner or tenant. Electors may only vote once, regardless of how many properties they own or rent in Toronto. An elector must vote in the ward and subdivision where they live.

Voting process – We encourage electors to bring their Voter Information Card (VIC) and their identification for quick processing.

  • Electors with a VIC and no identification will be asked to sign a declaration before receiving a ballot.
  • Electors without a VIC and with identification, showing they live in that ward and subdivision, will be added to the voters’ list before receiving a ballot.
  • Electors without a VIC and without identification will be asked to return to the voting place with identification.

Election results – Unofficial election night results are available at the Toronto Elections website. Official election results will be declared by the City Clerk later in the week. Details about how results are generated are explained here. Election day results are generated in each voting place. Advance vote results are generated at Election Services, 89 Northline Road, after 8 p.m. on election day.

Contact Info– For election matters, call 416-395-0025 or email Electors and/or members of the public should continue to call 416-338-1111 or 311 for general election information, election sign inquiries and/or complaints.


The Election Team

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