Ford Fest

Rob myself Doug and the entire Ford Family invite you to come out to the annual Ford Fest BBQ Party in Etobicoke.

This Saturday September 27th from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. at 2200 Islington Ave. W .

This will be our official campaign kick off celebration.

Come out and enjoy this free BBQ, drinks, rides, games for the kids, exciting live music and entertainment for the whole family.

See you this Saturday!

Ford Fest 2014 is located where the bicycle is on this map.

Plenty of Bike Parking… but please, do bring a lock!

If you’re not biking to Ford Fest 2014, Take the Bus!

Hop onto the Islington 37 Bus Northbound from The Subway, or Islington 37 Bus Southbound.

Note: There are No Streetcars anywhere near this place. Zero. Zip. None. Nada. Bubkis.

If you’re driving, ask Siri for directions if you got an iPhone. And don’t argue with her when she tells you to enter Ford Fest from Islington, instead of Rexdale Blvd.

Just Look for the Giant Sears Water Tower, and you’re There. Enjoy Your Free Food!

Lastly, please say Hi to Rob and Doug for me.



… A journey into Rob Ford Fest — the best party in town — complete with meat, Coors Light, Eye of the Tiger, moms and, mostly, nice Canadians

“…This party was fun, not earnest. Nobody was evil, crosses and bicycles weren’t being burnt and the crowd, while pretty white, wasn’t exclusively so, running at perhaps 15 per cent visibly multicultural (a higher percentage than a lot of Queen West art openings I’ve been to).

“…People were nice. Rob’s mom, who looks like everybody’s mom, was running around taking pictures with people.

“…An odd thing happened as I was Tweeting: at first, online followers were in the spirit of our fun and somewhat gonzo act, but when it became clear we weren’t going to Tweet about how awful and, as Howard Moscoe might say, illiterate Ford supporters are, I started to pick up some hostile reactions.

“…By simply going to Ford’s BBQ, and not thinking they’re freaks, it seemed to some folks on Twitter that my companion and I were endorsing him.

“…Neither of us was toeing the narrative line we’ve been told to believe about Ford supporters since he started to run. Now that he’s leading, that narrative is dangerous.

“…That’s why the continued mocking of his supporters, his issues and his weight have given him momentum.

“…His simple message resonates with these voters, people who aren’t radical and likely wouldn’t identify as right wing. It’s a kind of apolitical politics.

“…Ford’s campaign is beyond facts, now, which require smart thinking. The rise of the Ford Nation is as much a communication problem of the progressive side of Toronto as it is Ford’s regular-guy charisma.

“…If his opposition doesn’t understand this crowd, we might have four years of Ford Fests ahead while we figure out how this all happened.

“…Just make sure you get in line for a burger and Coors early.”

Shawn Micallef

Shawn Micallef | Psychogeography Columnist
Eye Weekly / Spacing Toronto (10/05/2010)

… Arguing about Ford Fest is just dumb

“Is Ford Fest a bona fide Ford family tradition? Yes. Do the Ford’s hold Ford Fest in years when there’s no election? Yes. Will Rob Ford be campaigning at Ford Fest? Yes. So will every other politician who attends, and a number will.

“Will Rob Ford, John Tory, Olivia Chow, David Soknacki and Karen Stintz be campaigning at every public event held between now and election day? Yes. That’s what they do. They’re political candidates.

“The truth is, politicians are always campaigning. If they’re not campaigning, they’re losing.

“…Of course, the more attention Ford Fest gets in the media, the more people are talking about Rob Ford. And, the more they’re talking about Rob Ford, the less they’re talking about anyone else. Once again, advantage: Ford.

“…It’s not that the Fords are strategically brilliant. It’s just that their opponents are just plain dumb.”

Mark TowheyMark Towhey | Former Chief of Staff
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Office (07/21/2014)

Ford-Free Fest

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