Election Sign Removal

from: Gail Baker
to: candidateinfo
cc: Fernando Aceto
date: 30 October 2014 11:10

Dear Candidate:

The following email is being sent to you on behalf of MLS.

The 2014 Municipal Election concluded at approximately 8 p.m. on Monday, October 27, 2014. Chapter 693 Article 9 D. of the Toronto Municipal Code respecting election signs stipulates:

“Election signs shall be removed within 72 hours after the completion of voting on voting day”.

The City of Toronto is requesting the cooperation of all candidates that have displayed election signs to have them removed from public and private properties before the end of today – Thursday, October 30.

Please be advised that signs removed by Municipal Licensing and Standards thereafter will incur a removal fee to the candidate. We anticipate your cooperation to have your signs removed as expeditiously as possible.

If you have any questions regarding election signs please contact 311.

Your Turn . . .