… arts community … boost support to $33 per Torontonian

“There was one question everyone came to ask – the one about money.

“And yes, the leading candidates to be Toronto’s mayor – save one – seemed to promise the arts community will get a lot more. …That one candidate, … was no surprise. Rob Ford.

“…spread the city support to areas beyond Toronto’s downtown, particularly priority neighbourhoods in the suburbs.

“…Himy Syed, … wants to boost city support to $33, but he disagreed private partnerships or sponsorships should be sought for every event.

“The original Nuit Blanche in Paris does not have the name of a bank in front of it,” Syed said.

“I want arts programs to be able to choose to be either unbranded or co-branded.”

Mike Adler Toronto Community NewsMike Adler | Staff Reporter
Toronto Community News (09/28/2010)